We are closed and on the move...

We are finalising our new location. Stay up to date with our new address and great food by following us on Facebook and find out first by signing up to our Mailing List below!

317 Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow, G43 2XS

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Chillies West End


Chillies Southside is our slick interpretation of take-away Indian cuisine...

We heard your cries, South Siders; we heard them as they echoed through the damp streets of Glasgow, all the way to Chillies West End.

'Oh, for a curry that isn’t swimming in grease...' You wailed.

'Oh, for a carry-out that is honest in its claims of using fresh, high quality ingredients, and who prepares everything from scratch in house!' 

'Oh, for an Indian that is authentic and flavoursome!' You lamented.

'Oh, for take-away that delivers all of this and who still remains affordable enough to treat the whole family...'

We heard your cries, South Siders, and we delivered. Delivering is, after all, what we do; fresh, authentic, tasty dishes from our immaculate, Chillies South Side branch straight to the doors of all our regulars every week.

Why not pop by and spy on our talented Chefs in our open take-away kitchen? One taste of their creations, and we’re certain you’ll pop us on speed dial...


We Deliver - straight from our new premises!

From 17.00-22.30

Minimum Orders £10 - Delivery Charge from £1

Opening Hours